Öckerö gymnasium


Today we arrived at Ponta Delgada in the Azores. The pilot arrived to Gunilla at 8 AM and we arrived at the port at 9 AM. I didn’t do anything special through the day, I mostly tried to sleep as I’ve been awake since 4 AM.

4 PM Gunillas “corona games” started. All students were split up into four teams and we played against each other. The first game, called “Throw the line”, was exactly what it sounds like, you throw a line and try to hit a lifebuoy. For every hit the team gained 1 point. The second game was a knot sprint. Each member of the team would do 4 knots as fast as they could, as soon as one member was done with the sprint, the next member could start. The team that got all their members through the fastest won. The third game was a coiling competition. Gunillas staff would tangle up a bunch of lines on deck, and the teams would fasten all the lines and coil them up as fast as possible. After the team got all the lines fastened and coiled up, the staff controlled so that it all looked good. For every fault, 10 seconds was added to the time. The fourth and last competition was sort of a trick question. Each team would try to find as many names on stuff on the ship that contains the name of an animal, like “crows nest” or “monkey island”.

After dinner we got the results, and of course I was in the winning team. The price we got was that tomorrow we were invited to a coffee break in the crews common room were students normally aren’t allowed.




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