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Arrival at Charleston

After three days of sailing, I think we’re all pretty happy to be arriving a day early at stop number two on the trip, Charleston. This wonderful voyage has been of the most fun, excluding from the vomit-filled nights, the sleeplessness and the worries of tomorrow. 

No, I’m of course kidding – or telling 50% the truth. Just that we have only spent three days out sailing and I think I’m already tired of everybody. I spent around one hour and a half furling sails and screaming at my co-furler, Amanda. But, safe to say that the front sails of the boat look pretty darn good. Really that’s all that happened today. We slept, worked, furled sails and ate. The only pause from that was to admire some sort of US army air force plane and some dolphins.

I think we all have settled into the sailor life. Sleeping through three quarters of the day and working and studying the rest of it. My watch and I, port, have worked from 4-8 s and nights and have spent our days like this:

16.00 – 20.00: watch

20.00 – 20.30: dinner

20.30 – 03.30: sleep

04.00 – 08.00: watch

08.00 – 08.30: breakfast

08:30 – 11.45: sleep

11.45 – 12:15: lunch

12.15 – 15.30: class

Then watch again and the cycle continues.

Living a day this packed is exhausting, every day on the boat feels like two (really because of all the sleeping), but both for good and bad. I really get tired of everybody here, but I have come so close to all of them. It’s really fun to take part in such a tight community, because we all have to take care of our boat and one person’s job becomes everybody’s. So whatever happens, we all just have to keep working together.

So let’s see about tomorrow, shall we?

Astrid Cider, Port.


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