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Arrival at Dublin

We have just begun a short trip from Belfast to Dublin. But just because it’s a short distance doesn’t mean it will be all sunshine and rainbows.

At 03:30 my watch got woken up and told to get ready for watch at 04:00. You could clearly feel and hear the ship rocking and slamming against the waves. The best winds were stronger than I expected them to be and we had head-wind which slowed us down to about 2 knots.

We tried setting some sails to gain some speed and stabilize the ship, but instead of helping is it slowed us down.

But through the night the wind died down and at the end of our watch, 08:00, the rocking was much better. I went to sleep and got woken up again at 11:30 being told that we are now in Dublin and it’s time for a line-up in 15 minutes. After the line-up it was lunchtime and we got reindeer stew with roasted vegetables.

After lunch me, Oskar, Jonathan and Arvid went out in to the city, we took a look at the Trinity College and kept on walking around the city.

Now I am back on the ship and waiting for dinner to be served, which is chicken curry and rice, afterwards I might go back into the city, but that depends on the weather.

Ludvig Fritz Oijens


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