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A Saturday on the Caribbean Sea

Today was quite an ordinary day. Nothing unusual happened, if you compare to the other 53 days we now have spent on this particular boat. Compared to how you spent the last 53 days, it might even have been an exciting day.

Anyway, my Saturday started at 03:30 in the morning. I got up as every morning and changed to my working clothes, while bumping into the other three persons I share five square meters with. Don’t get me wrong here, my cabin is the best. We’re the sickness free, seasickness free and vomit free cabin, which I’m very thankful about. At 03:55 I stood with the others on half deck, physically awake but mentally still asleep. That’s why I seldom have any memories from the night watches. But, from what I remember we had a lot to do. Due to very windy weather and the frequent risk of squalls coming, we had to douse and set sails very often to prevent the risk of damaging any sails.

At 05:00 there was a coffee break (of course I mean the Swedish word “fika”, but there is no real translation). We had white bread as every other day. At 05:05 we heard someone puke from downstairs. We were still eating, if you were wondering. Before the watch ended at 8, we probably set and doused sails plenty of more times, but I’m not sure. I don’t remember. One thing I remembered is that we sat down for a short time to watch the sunrise, but got distracted by dolphins. So typical these dolphins. After the watch I was very tired and went to bed.

At 11:40 I got up again to eat lunch and afterwards work on my school assignments. Nowadays, my lessons are directly after lunch and not at five in the evening, so now I actually get something done. I don’t need to stare on an empty word-document for three hours anymore. The lessons finished at 15:20, and it was once again time for coffee. When I was done with eating some slices of the white bread, I changed to working clothes again and gathered at 15:55 on half deck once again.

At my second watch that day I was in the kitchen. Helping out in the kitchen is sometimes very stressful when serving the other watches. Because, everyone is missing something or has a special request like: “I just want a little bit of potato”. If your memory isn’t on top, it is quite hard to keep ten different of those requests in mind. Fortunately, it went out well. As it always does, because it has to. When the watch was over again at 20:00 I was very tired and went to bed the second time today. There, my day also ended.

Now I told you very precisely about my day, even with exact indications of time. Hopefully you had a Saturday as good as mine. With all the best from the Caribbean Sea.

Naemi, Portside


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