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A science museum and other thing I did that day

My day started off as any other day. Somebody, I don’t remember who, came and woke me up. For breakfast I had my usual morning porridge, and my friend Lovisa sat beside me.

As always, we had morning line-up on the main deck at 8am sharp, if you’re not there on time the consequences are that you must stay on the boat and work on some day that you otherwise would have . In the morning line-ups, the crew inform us on what is going on and what we are doing that day. Today we were going to have class in the morning and then later going to a science- museum. I was glad I did not have to work on our last day in Barcelona.

We had class at 08:30, math if I remember correctly. The class went on until 09:30 and right after it had ended i went straight to bed. I slept through the 10 o’clock “fika” and I was so hungry when it was time for lunch. For lunch it was cos-cos salad. It was really good, precisely as any other food we get here on Gunilla.

After lunch we took the subway to the science museum and it was the first time I had taken a subway with friends. I don’t know ow interesting that is for somebody reading this but I will leave it in anyway. For the next three hours we looked around the museum. I thought there was some interesting and nifty things, but you know these kinds of attractions. They say that you don’t get to bring food, and then you must leave to get some food. We walked back to Gunilla and ate a delicious dinner. The rest of the day we just studied and watched a movie with the gang.

And just like that snip snap snaut, the day had gone about. :)

Orion Helm, starboard watch


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