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A Scout Camp mixed with College Dorm Life

Time passes quickly on board T/S Gunilla. I can’t grasp that we already have been here for over a month. But when I think about what we have done in those 32 days I get baffled. During our trip we have visited both the US in Miami and Charleston but also Bermuda, which is under British rule. At the moment we are approaching the middle of the Atlantic ocean. Which is really cool. It is estimated for us to arrive at the Azores in 8 days. By then we will have spent 14 consecutive days at sea.

Life on board the ship is a bit like a scout camp mixed with college dorm life. Which I guess is to be expected since almost everyone on board are in the age range of seventeen to nineteen. It is really fun though. Not having proper internet service pushes you to focus on what in front of you in the moment and you also have to get really creative in coming up with things to do. We for example play a lot of cards and boardgames. It has become a regular thing for our watch, 8-12 portside, to play a couple of rounds after we go off from our watch.

We also study quite a bit. Since everyone wants to make the most of our days at port, a lot of people try to finish their homework early. Right now I’m writing this blog, but usually I would spend this time after lunch reading or studying. But I guess I can’t speak for everyone. Some people spend all their free time sleeping or being sea sick while others find fun ways to spend it. Like watching movies, climbing the mast or participating In the ‘’mördarleken’’, roughly translated to the murdering game. There is a set of rules but essentially the game is all about trying to murder people in a predicided way. Not for real though, but like acting. You get a place, an item and a person. You then have to make sure all things are right and then also make sure the person is unsuspecting. If the person picks up the item at the right location without being aware or physically forced to pick it up they will now be considered dead and you will pick up where they left off with a new person location and item.

There is a lot to write about but I unfortunately have to end my blog entry here.

All is well
/Maja Nilsson


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