Öckerö gymnasium

A shark!

The water is as flat as a mirror and the sun is burning our backs as we sand the wall of the kitchen. Sounds nice but it was actually burning so bad that we had to take brakes and move to the shadow once in a while.

After our watch (Portside, 12-16) I was on my way up on deck to take advantage of the sun when I saw all the people in starboard stand along to gunwale and point at something. I looked too and saw something create ripples on the water. Apparently, someone told me it was a shark but it wasn’t overwhelming at all. At least we can now say that we saw one.

After the shark edition some of the free watch students moved to the back of the boat to chill and eat marabou chocolate. As we sat there talking the first mate came and was acted weirdly. He tried to put on his harness for around ten minuets and looked like a hurt elephant when he did it. He also told us he was supposed to be look-out as he jumped around, sat down and screamed. One of the students told him he wasn’t suppose to talk on his look-out and he said “oooppss, sorry I didn’t know, wont happed again”. Apparently because that’s how he thinks we act. And sure I agree, but that’s part of how we work, or making the work less boring and tiring.

Fun fact: Today around 10 pm, the crew of T/S Gunilla success crossing the Atlantic Ocean and we can all wear red jeans. I think that midships is planning something to celebrate. Lets hope so.

Sara Henning


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