Öckerö gymnasium

A small trip

Today we did something different than just wake up and go on our shifts. We went on a small trip to
different destinations in Dominic Republic. At 8:30 we left with a rented bus to go see the caves
Cuevas de las Maravillas. They where big and unbelievably cool. At the same place we saw
iguanas. Scary but also unbelievably cool.

When we where done we went to a restaurant called and we tasted the Dominic Republic national dish. It was rice with brown beans and chicken in a sous. It tasted well.

When everyone were full we drove to a beach nearby to swim, snorkeling and sunbathing. Many of the students were tired after this intense day and fell asleep at the beach. We left at quarter past four and drove for about an hour home to Gunilla.

When we got home we had dinner and then we went on what was left on our shift and started to do the daily cleaning. It took us 40 minutes and when we were done one of our crew members started a baking club with the ones who wanted to bake. We made chocolate chip cookies with a recipe for 56 cookies and ended up with 72 ones. They were delicious and very appreciated.

We ended the day with sitting on the front of the boat and talking and some of us called home to our families and friends to fill them in on our day. It was a successful school trip and everyone were pleased of what we have seen throughout the day.

Wilma Hansson


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