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As stubborn as the oceans

I would describe myself as a rather stubborn person. When everybody made themselves ready for the sea with seasick plasters and bandages I decided that I should wait the sickness out.

This may not have been the smartest move since I even knew that I often get seasick. But our watch started and I stood post. The posts often switch between lookout, lifeboyguard and to steer the boat. But from the lack of good electricals in Lisbon we had an extra post. This post was in the engine room and as you can guess this did not end very well for me. While the others on my watch enjoyed pretty views and got to se sea turtles, dolphins and flyfish I tried to hold my things together. The first time I stood post ended up with me running up and down the stairs to get out on deck and let go off my needs. But when the second and third round came about I learned and brought a big bucket with me down. This is an example of how my stubbornness got me through things, I could have just asked someone to take my place but instead I learned to get through the though times. Another thing that I learned is that I cannot overcome the oceans and the effect it has on my body. So right now I have a seasick plaster behind my right ear and hopefully I will be able to enjoy my next watch as much as the others.

Signe Wallin starboard


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