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A summer day in Plymouth

Waking up to a sunny morning is the best feeling when you live on a boat. Today was one of those mornings. After breakfast and our daily lineup on deck some friends and I went into town and had a fantastic last day in Plymouth.

Our first stop in town was on a place where the famous English fudge was sold. I bought three different flavours of fudge to decide which one was the best. I liked chocolate the most. We sat on the docks in the harbour and absorbed all of the sunlight that we possibly could. Interviews with British people were made for some school projects and I must say that the British people are the some of the nicest people I’ve ever met. Everyone’s extremely polite and helpsome and I haven’t met a single person that has been rude. That makes me sure that I’m going to come back to England one day and why not to Plymouth again? I really like this place. We have eaten a lot of great food, way better than on the Azores in my opinion, and there has also been a lot of fun things to explore.

After our sunny stop on the docks we were hungry for some lunch so we went to a really cozy café where we ate tasty paninis and other kinds of sandwiches. Everyone was happy and satisfied. For that we thank the sun. Because of the nice weather we wanted to be outside so we took a walk on the streets with those small shops that we don’t have in Sweden. I checked my bank account and noticed that I have spent way to much money on this trip so far which makes me wanting to buy less in the coming ports that we will visit. Though I’m thinking that this trip only happens once in life so I belive it’s right to enjoy it to the fullest.

We got sweaty after our day in town so we decided to go back to the boat to grab our swimwear. After finding out, from the thermometer in the navigation room, that the water was at fourteen degrees we walked to the cliffs and took a very nice swim. It was refreshing. When the group got back to the boat we got served lasagna. That was a great ending on a lovely summer day in Plymouth.



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