Öckerö gymnasium

A sunny day at the beach!

The song Vamos a la Playa by Loona is a song that describes our day pretty good. Almost the whole day we spent on the beach, ate delicious fruits and swam in the ocean.

This night my watch Portside had the task to keep track of the boat. We split the night up in 2 hours shifts and sat two and two. I had real luck this time because I got a very good shift, half past six to eight. After my shift we had morning assembling and then I had free time the rest of the day. Me and three others went out on the streets to do some interviews for a school project. We found some nice people who talked English which was a relief because most of the people here don’t speak English. I’m thankful many of my classmates study Spanish in school because there are so many times we have had to ask people for the way and almost every time the conversation is in Spanish. I don’t understand a word Spanish because I take classes in German.

After we had done the interviews we walked to a store and bought some fruits and chips. Next on today's list was the beach. When we walked out of the store the sun was shining and we saw a bus coming that goes to the beach. A quick run and we made it to the bus right on time. 15 minutes later we walked in soft sand looking for the perfect place on the beach to spend our day on. We had such a good day, laying on the beach in the sun and swimming in the crystal clear water. In the afternoon more classmates came to the beach. It is fun talking and getting to know people you didn’t talk with in school. Now we’ve spent around 3 weeks on the boat and you really get closer to each other when we live like this together.

During the evening I talked with family and a friend at home. Then I opened my computer pushing myself to do some school work. It feels like we are on vacation and it is wonderful for us. But the school work gets a lower priority. Now a movie turns on in “Stora mässen” and you can hear chips bags rustle.

I hope you’re doing fine at home!

Emmelie Vogl Sab2023


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