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A sunny day full of hard work

The day started, per usual, at 8 o´clock with a morning line up. We are now at the harbour in Huelva, which is a beautiful city full of palms, old charming houses, but especially, full of sun.

Due to Huelva being an extra harbour in our trip we are still following sea watches and for me this means working 12-4. The thought of working between 12 and 4 disappointed me at first given that it meant that I miss the best tan hours and my opportunity to go to the beach, but in the end, I had a great day.

After the morning line up, I went back to sleep and slept until lunch. After this, it was time for watch. Today was “lusplattningar”, “båtmansstol” and as normally on this trip, tarring on schedule. This was even tougher than usually because of the heat and the beaming sun, since all these activities involves wearing an overall.

After my watch I took a shower to get all the tar of, something that turned out to be even harder than the work itself, and quickly changed to an airy dress and slippers. Me and my friend strolled around the streets of Huelva for a while until the hunger set in. Because of the lovely weather, we decided that a picnic in the sunset would be the optimal choice. That decided, we went to the grocery store to buy all the essentials and walked to a park with a view over the water. Later upon, the whole watch joined to practice the song we have made to our watch leaders that we are going to sing tomorrow, which was extremely cosy.

The day ended with an episode of my favourite series and a well needed night of sleep. Altogether, today was a great day!

/ Ida Aderby, Starboard.


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