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A Sunny Tuesday

It’s February 19th, and it’s the second morning that we’re waking up in the port of Havana, Cuba.

Outside it’s somewhat windy, but unlike the Swedish winds, that are freezing and very much unpleasant, this soft breeze feels like a soothing and cooling caress, which is very welcome in the otherwise scorching heat of the Caribbean sun.

At the moment we’re anchoring just outside Havana, which means that we can’t come and go to the city however we please. Instead we have to call for a smaller taxi boat to come and get us, each time we want to go to Havana, and each time we want to go back to T/S Gunilla. This is, in all honesty, quite annoying: to be so very close to the colourful, energetic and highly fascinating city of Havana, without being able to go there freely.

However, this wasn’t really a problem for Starboard this sunny Tuesday, since we had to stay onboard Gunilla anyway, to work. It was, nevertheless, still frustrating to see the Cuban life go on all around us, and not being allowed or able to be a part of it. Luckily for us, we did get to experience a little bit of Cuba anyway, even though we didn’t leave our boat for even a second. Fortunately for us in Starboard, we got a visit from the Swedish embassy on Cuba, which meant that the second ambassador came aboard our ship to tell us about the fascinating country that is Cuba. It was all very intriguing, and what made it even sweeter was that we got to eat home baked vanilla buns and fresh green apples, all while learning about Cuba.

All in all, it was really interesting (and oh so yummy). Therefore, the rest of the day aboard T/S Gunilla passed by quickly, while the sun slowly crossed the blue sky above our heads, all while the sounds, the smells, the colours and the life of Havana continued around us, just out of reach but with a promise of tomorrow.

Karin Hansson, Starboard


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