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A surprisingly good night watch

At 11.30AM I woke up and then I got to guard duty at 12PM.

I wasn’t really in the mood for work at the moment but I forced myself to get up, but the worst part was that I was ”Post”, which I don’t like so much.

In the beginning of the watch I had look out at the front of the boat. It was really windy and the waves were quite big. It was scary to be standing there so high up and I had to hold on to the railing hard so that I wouldn’t fall off the boat. I could see how the boat smashed down into the water with her stem and a shower of rain came pouring over me. Even though it was scary and windy, this was one of the funniest and most exciting night watch I’ve been on.

I wanted to know how much it’s suppose to blow before it could be called storm and it is 17 m/s. At that moment it blew 13 m/s which is a fresh breeze.

It was quite hard to steer Gunilla in the windy weather, but we managed to without a crash or something (luckily). One time I was 25 degrees off course, but that only happened ONE time (for the record).

The day watch was quite chill. The wind didn’t blow as much, but it was still cloudy. We learned about tar and our leader told us about the ship Ostindiefararen.

Good bye!

Manali Wallman, Starboard


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