Öckerö gymnasium

A swim in the sea

When the sun is gazing can it be really refreshing with a swim in the sea! That is at least how I felt today.

Today I was stationed in the kitchen to help the chefs with the dishes and other things, like getting things from the fridge and so. Special for today was that there were students from another school ship here. When they arrived, we showed them around the ship and they were jealous about our washing machines. They only have one when we have four so I can understand why they are jealous. Before they left, they invited us to visit their ship later that day, which we would be happy to do.

After they had gone back to their ship, we ate some fruit and sandwiches. Afterwards we helped to prepare lunch and to clean up. When everybody had ate, we took a break to take a refreshing swim beside the boat.

Then the day moved on as usual until we took our small boat to visit the other school ship. Their ship was a bit smaller than our, but it was so cozy and it felt really welcoming. The best part though was that they had a real coffee machine where you could get cappuccino, latte and even hot chocolate. But other than that, I think that Gunilla is a better ship.

When we were back on Gunilla we watched a movie and had a really cozy and good time together!

Hannes Pedersen


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