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At least one of us liked the ice cream!

My first day in St. George. I remember yesterday when we had just arrived at the port and I got to see those beautiful houses with large porches, similarities between the American east- and south coast appeared in my mind.

Since I guarded and never left the boat yesterday I would expect my legs to crack down when I today stepped on motionless ground but went through the whole day without any difficulties.

Some of the students who already been on land talked about the beautiful beach and the beach-bar with the “awesome” wi-fi. I wanted to explore the city before heading to the beach and I walked through the town with some friends. We went to the mall that we later on found out was a trap for tourists. We happened to step into a large shop and everyone on the staff were nice and helpful, but so are everyone here.

The fruit-market was small and I guess we´re visiting the island on a bad time. I´ve heard about the mangos here and they are suppose to be delicious but I didn’t seem to find many of them. Oh well, perhaps I´ll come by this summer again!

It´s a must do to visit “Nutmeg” and we did. They have food and Ice cream and since it´s burning hot outside we decided to go with the ice cream. I asked for a scoop of vanilla and another scoop of the islands oh so famous nutmeg. It tasted peculiar. Not in a bad way but I can´t say I loved it. My friend on the other hand took mine and were happy as always.

The night finished of at “Sails”, a restaurant right by the water. Me and my friends all had burgers and in that moment I found myself thinking :

“This school is truly one of a kid”

Lisa Lundgren



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