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A trip back in time

Today we went on a school trip to a concentration camp named Neuengamme. Neuengamme is now an memorial outside of Hamburg. This is one of many camps around Germany and some other parts of Europe that’s was used during WW2 and some for a time after the war.

We started the day as usual with a line up and directly after a bus was waiting for us that we borded and then we were on our way. Many of us slept on the way there, which was very nice. Here on the boat you take every chance u get to get some extra sleep in. When we arrived it was quite cold and already from the outside you could feel the sadness in the place. In Neuengamme we got guided tours around the camp and for every location or house we visited in the camp the guide told us what happened there. It was very educational and very interesting to listen but in the same time it felt very heavy to be there because of all the pain and suffering that once took place there. The hours went by and then before we left we went to the Monument of Remembrance where we left flowers and had a silence minute for all the people that lost their life. I can’t say it was a very uplifting trip but for the knowledge to be passed on is very important so generations after will know and hopefully something like this never happens again.

On the way back in the bus almost everybody slept, there was maybe one or two souls that could keep their eyes open. Once back it was time for dinner. Due to the fact that it was our last day here in Lübeck almost everybody went out and had one last night out before we left the day after. After a long day with much new information and knowledge but also some laughter a new day started. Many went to sleep while some stayed up long into the night.

We here are having great time even with some setbacks hope everything is great back home. See you soon



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