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A trip to Portsmouth historic dockyard

Yesterday all the students had a big trip to Stonehenge. Today the nature science students and maritime students had individual trips. The nature science students went to a school and we maritime students went to Portsmouth historic dockyard.

I had watch today and we went a bit later than the others so I had to get ready for watch. I was a “Backis” for 2 hours then it was time to go. We are staying very close to the dockyard so it was only a 10 minute walk.

Once there we went to look at the HMS Warrior. HMS Warrior was launched in 1860 and was at her time the most powerful warship in the world. With her steel hull, steam engine and sails she was so intimidating she never had to fire a cannon in anger. There were 705 people working onboard while she was still in service all the ropes and lines where a lot bigger then Gunilla so we figured you would need a bit more men to sail her. (she also had a lot more cannons) then we learned that they used to raise the propeller while sailing and just for that they needed at least 600 men. Must have been a pretty cool feeling being 600 men pulling like crazy at the same time.

When we were done looking around we went to another warship the HMS Victory. HMS Victory is the Royal Navy´s most famous warship. Right now she´s undergoing a 13 year conservation project so her masts have been temporarily removed. Even though her masts where gone the inside was intact and it was really cool seeing how the sailors where living at that time.

When we where done looking at the ships we went back to our own ship. We did not have much to do so we began with the cleaning and it was completed 1 hour early since we were done with today's “project” the workforce got to rest 1 extra hour before dinner. I am having my night watch in 3 hours so I will try to get some sleep soon.

We are leaving for Sweden tomorrow so you have to save some energy. I hope everyone at home is having a good time. See you soon!

//Leo SJDM1619


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