Öckerö gymnasium

A typical day at Gunilla

The day started of as every other on this boat. We were woken up at 11.30 in the morning after about three hours of sleep since the night watch. Today is Tuesday which means wash day for Portside, and since we only have three washing machines there is always a competition to get the machines first. After living on this boat in almost two months we’ve
learned the routines so the night before, we prepared the dirty clothes in a bag to be as fast as possible. This day was my cabins lucky day, we got two washing machines which is very unusual.

The lunch today was fish stew with rice, and right after that it was
time for the first lesson of the day, math. The lessons went by fast and
after four effective hours the clock was 15 and the fika was served.
Today’s fika was something special, ice cream, which tasted really good.

Since I’m in the 16-20 watch the time after the fika got short. The
weather today is cloudy and cold so the whole sailing gear went on.  I
was a worker today, which is my favorite task on the boat. Because of
the bad wind we are going with engine. The wind has also made the
journey to Plymouth longer, so far we are one day behind the time
schedule. While we sat and ate the fika we heard a scream from the
outside ”Humpback whale!”. We all stood up and ran out in one second,
but the whale had dived. Luckily I saw the whale later.

Right after the watch I went to bed to be awakened 8 hours later for the
night watch. I like the night watch at 04-08 because of the sunrise.
Every morning we get to see the sunrise in the horizon which always is
very beautiful, even if it is cloudy. After the watch it was time for
breakfast and then back to bed, and so the days continue in a cycle here
at Gunilla.

Minna Gruvefeldt, portside


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