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A typical day at sea

With only two weeks left of the journey, we are in the middle of the ocean with no wind in the sails.

Today I woke up at 7.30 to eat breakfast before it was time to get to work. Now we follow the schedule 08.00- 12.00 in the mornings and 20.00- 00.00 in the evenings and this far I’ve loved it. Your sleeping schedule is normal compared to the other watch times you can get and because of the normal day and night routine you also get a pretty nice eating schedule.

This stretch will be our longest, which is eight days so therefore I’m super happy we got this schedule now. Anyways, after breakfast I went to our daily line up and took over the shift from portside who welcomed us with applauds on deck. On the shift today I was working as “rondman” which basically means you do regular check-ups every hour of the boat, so nothing is for example on fire or leaking.

When the workday was over it was time for lunch and on the menu today was chicken wok with sweet chilli sauce. The lunch was a success and after I went to practise some of the sails systems before the lessons was about to start. One of the lessons we had today was mathematics with Ingrid, one of the awesome young ladies working here on Gunilla. And before I knew it the clock was already 20.00 and it was time for work on deck again.

When I went up to the line up the stars was shining and, in the water, you could see the dolphins shining. It was the perfect start for a wonderful night shift.

Signe Samuelsson, Midskepps


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