Öckerö gymnasium

A Visit to Pamir

Even I, who am not a very emotional person felt a sting inside of me because of our visit today.

After line-up we went to the church where they had saved what’s left of the school ship PAMIR. PAMIR had the same purpose as Gunilla do. We were told by the priest that PAMIR was hit by a hurricane on September the 21st, 1957. It was impossible to lower the lifeboats into the water because of the tumultuous sea. When PAMIR heeled and the masts hit the water, many of the crew were forced under water by the capsizing ship. There were 86 persons in the crew. 6 persons survived. We showed them our blessing by giving them a wreath of flowers. The priest read a passage of the bible and wished us a good and safe travel, then we all prayed together.

Malena, midskepps



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