Öckerö gymnasium

A well rounded day

Today was full of surprises, after missing breakfast because I slept too long, I went above deck for the rollcall and was greeted by the Swedish ambassador of Island.

We had a nice talk where we asked questions about the life of an ambassador, which seemed to involve a lot of mingle, champagne and caviar. When they took a leave, it was well past time for some food. It took us a bit longer than we’d prefer, but after walking back and forth through the whole city of Reykjavik (which to be fair isn’t that big) we found a diner that could serve us brunch. I ordered some American pancakes and a nice cup of coffee to finally get the day started for real.

Satisfied and full we walked to "Fly over island". To explain what it was, think about a roller-coaster but stuck in place with a giant curved TV-screen in front of you. The “ride” took you on a trip over island which showed you the most beautiful scenery there is to be found on Island, all while the chairs moved according to the movement on the screen, wind blew in your face and water sprayed as if the waterfall before you really was there. People who did it before told me how it amazing it was, but I didn’t understand just how real it felt when ground flew by below you. I don’t think you would get it even if I told you it was better than any normal roller-coaster I’ve ever been on, and I’ve been to some good ones.

To round a good day out, we played some basketball and went to a restaurant called Le-kock, which served an amazing chicken burger with avocado and cold-slaw.

Many greetings from Jonathan in starboard!


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