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A wet night

The first day at sea. Very boring. Okay not very boring but it wasn't anything extraordinary. It´s a Sunday and on Sundays we usually have a pretty busy schedule. We have the whole democracy thing with all the meetings. First big meeting with all the whole crew Then guard-meeting in individual guards, and last but not least boat-meeting with two represents from each guard with the captain and our DOS.

Before all of these meetings we also have a security practice that looks different each week. This week we had a search through the boat for free-passengers and also things that aren't allowed on board. However we had all the meetings and practices the day before so we were free of those things. On Sundays we don’t have any lessons as well so our free-time were complete.

From 12-16 in the afternoon my guard were on shift. We did most maintenance work on the boat as varnishing, knocking away rust and other small crafts here and there. The whole day we saw the Dominic Republic since we sailed along the coast.

Later at night we decided to watch a movie on the sail. We had agreed on watching the Dragontrainer and all the guards had come together on deck and about 30 seconds into the movie it started raining. So we packed our things and headed down to the Big Mess. Instead we watched Frozen on the TV and it was very cozy even though the plans got changed. That night it rained for 12 hours. It started at 8pm and the rain stopped at 8am the next morning. So I can tell you it was a pretty wet shift we had that night. Lucky me though, because I was backis and didn´t have to go outside.



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