Öckerö gymnasium

A whole lot of realization

Suddenly, I woke up, wondering why my bed was all small and different. Soon I realized that I wasn’t in my bed and neither was I at home. It was the first night on the boat.

Struggling to fall asleep, which I did, but unfortunately it was short lived because our cabin door opened and in came the crew in charge.

I got dressed, ate breakfast, went on deck and then awkwardly stood watching the wall without realizing we’re supposed to watch the Swedish flag get raised to the top.

Throughout the day we proceeded in groups getting familiarized with the boat. One of the most exciting activities we did was climbing in the masts. First, I came late because I enjoyed the sun way too much and forgot. I quickly realized, got my gear and came just in time before we began to make our way up in the sky.

I have never been afraid of heights but this time I couldn’t live up to the name. At first it went great but then a queue formed, and I stood still. I started looking down and got uncomfortable realizing that I was way up with no more security other than my arms and legs. My legs started shivering uncontrollably and I thought that I would be pleased with making it to the third level of side masts.

Either way I finished my shift at 10pm and fell asleep, but once again I woke up and realized I wasn’t in my bed this time either.

Carl Randgaard


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