Öckerö gymnasium

A windy day with chocolate cake and jumping dolphins

Today on T/S Gunilla, the weather has been bad and the day has been long. With a lot of rain and big waves has the humor been up and down.


Something that made us very happy was when the sun showed up on the sky and gave us some love and hope for a better weather but no, it started to rain again.

During the time when the sun was shining we saw dolphins and they where following the ship and when they was trying to get some attention they jumped into the waves and swam around super fast.

Since it's Samuel's birthday we got chocloate cake and we where singing "happy birthday" in the night while it was windy and big waves and the rain was terrible but still, it was something peacful with that moment.

Now we have just passed the coast of Portugal and soon we will sail through the Gibraltar passage to reach Malaga, Spain.

Have a good time and see you in December.

/Ella Ahlmann


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