Öckerö gymnasium

A wonderful day

Today have been a great day and full of experence. We were on a trip with our class and Mr Frank. We left the boat around 9 in the morning. Then we took the bus to a beach and went snorkling in the ocean. I saw a lot of fishes and a octipus. It was very fun and a beautiful place.

After that we went to the waterfall. We swam and had a really good time. The waterfall were in the djungel so it was so nice and amazing. Then we went to the chocolatefactery. We got to taste like a chocobean before it went like a bean. It was so tasty, almost like candy. We also had lunch there.

The day was almost done but we had one thing left to do and it was a walk in the rainforest. It was short but really fun. We saw monkeys and swang in lianes. Then we went back to the boat and ate dinner. After that we went out and I got a tatoo with my cousin.

Doris Torgeby


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