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A working day on Gunilla

Today was a day when starboard took responsibility for Gunilla´s maintenance -our last watch at a harbor. After leaving Funchal, there will be no further harbor-stops until our final destination – Öckerö - which also means, no more solid ground under our feet for approximately 23 days.

The mission of today was mainly to make Gunilla shine in every possible way – a serious assignment that starboard handled without remarks - according to ourselves. One of the tasks was to wash the deck with detergent and water at all angles and corners. It was a bit more to handle than usual, which was due to a very successful barbecueparty up on deck yesterday evening. We only have 50 days left until graduation, something that of course must be celebrated. Today, though, we were the ones who also had to deal with some of the things that a pleasant event leaves behind, including managing a persistent tiredness.

Upon this, we also dealt with the gutter on the half deck. This was made with Metal Brite, a liquid containing rust dissolving acids. Not a completely harmless task, as you can imagine. Therefore, we must wear safety goggles and sturdy red protective gloves when handling it. It may sound odd, but this particular task is really satisfying to perform, and it is due to the fact that you see both an instant and splendid result of your work. The rust literally drains away in front of your eyes, giving you the feeling of being an alchemist, or at least a chemist.

This day has been filled with various types of maintenance work, in addition to a short lunch break combined with a well-earned cooling shower up on deck. Overall, I have had a really nice day with very nice company.

Starboard, Ella Karlsson


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