Öckerö gymnasium

Back on Gunilla

Even though it was 07:30 in the morning and the rain poured down, everybody was happy and excited for our second trip. I didn’t really know how to feel about it. I was kind of nervous.

After we arrived to Gunilla we got to put our bags in our cabins and then we gathered in the big mess. We were told about the schedule of the day. It was all basically about us being reminded of all the rules and routines that we have here.

I started with a tour around the ship and we were told about everything that had with safety and security such as fire extinguishers, emergency exists and life buoys. After that I was in the galley. There was some new rules since we were here the last time, but they were all for making it more efficient and hygienic, so they made sense. We also got to help put away some leftovers after lunch before it was time for the next thing on the schedule, which was being a rondman. It went by quite quickly. After this it was time for climbing. I’m afraid of heights so I hadn’t been looking forward to this, but I guess it went okay. It was a bit scary because it rained a lot and the wind was quite strong. I wasn’t the fastest, but at least I did it.

Then our families and friends came and said goodbye, and then they would watch while we sailed away. We got to talk and hug them for an hour, but when the clock was 05:00 pm and we were supposed to sail, we got the news that we couldn’t sail because of the wind. Instead we would stay over the night and sail the next day. There was a positive thing about this however, and that was that we could be a little longer with our families and friends. Now, I didn’t feel as nervous and unsure as I did in the morning.

After dinner, my friends and I went to the store and bought some candy and other stuff we wanted to have before we sailed away. Then we returned to Gunilla and read a bit and talked for a while before I went to bed. Since I went up 04:30 this morning, I was exhausted.

Wilma Carlsson,

Starboard watch


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