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Back on track

We’re finally at Santo Domingo. What we have suffered all the way from Grenada.

Everyone have been weirdly sick, unusually tired, went in to a dark depression or still been seasick. I’m glad to be one of the very FEW exceptions that haven’t been hit be neither of these syndromes. So, I am really not the one to complain, but it has been much tougher than sailing over the Atlantic. It was hard to see everyone feeling so bad and the ones that weren’t sick got do at least twice as much work. Therefore, I think this will be one of the best port. Everyone can sleep more and have more fun because we really need that after this. Everybody has slowly become better and better since yesterday and today there is nearly anyone sick.

As I said, many felt better today and went to see the city or do some shopping, but starboard had watch today. You can say that we didn’t jump of joy over that, but we got through the day and it went better than expected. Probably because people felt better, which made the hole group happier. I do also believe that (almost) everyone was so excited for tomorrow and finally get to stand on the ground that it made this long okay. The day came to its end while midship and portside were in town and learned to dance Merengue. It seemed like they had a good time.

My conclusion is that everyone is happy to be in Santa Domingo and not suffer from all diseases, tiredness or depression. So, we’re going to enjoy our last port because now we’re back on track.

Ella Sjöstrand SAS1619


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