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Bad chicken in Alghero

After the short one day of sailing from Ajaccio we arrived in Alghero, Sardinia. The fear of getting the flu on the trip changed to the fear of getting sick from the lunch we ate in Alghero.

At 7 in the morning I got woken up by my neighbour Neo and today he was filming us because he tried to prove a point that he always tries to wake us up but never manages to do so. We ate quickly and then dressed for our shift directly after roll call. When I came up on deck I could clearly see Sardinia and Alghero ahead of us. After about two hours of shift and preparation for docking we sailed in to harbour. As always, the docking went excellent with our captain Torben skilfully and calmly manoeuvred the boat. The port was very low and we had to dock with the rear against the port, this was not optimal and we had to get creative with the land bridge.

We in starboard then continued the day with normal whole day shift. A few people on the boat have gotten some kind flu and today I got the job to clean the “medical toilet”. When me and Albin were done with the cleaning it was time for dinner. Today were served buffet and I ate chicken with pasta, when I hade finished my meal I got the information that the “backisar” had taken the wrong food down and that the chicken was only half cooked. The chicken was planned for dinner and was supposed to be made a stew off.

I went to bed and slept until I once again got woken up by Neo at 2.30, it was time for my two hours long nightshift were your job is to watch the boat, check values in the engine room and do the laundry. At the end of the day people were still worried about the food they ate but it seems like it all turned out fine.

Greetings from Alghero,

David Csajbok, Starboard

*11 november nobody has gotten sick from the food mix up.


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