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Today we arrived to Barcelona, after six days out on the sea.

We arrived around lunchtime and tied up at the port of Barcelona, all around us there are luxury yachts and beautiful ships.

After we tied up we had a line up and then starbord had duty while midship and portside had free studies, so some of us went ashore and walked through the beautiful city Barcelona.

We went up the las ramblas and st. Joseph La Boqueria food market where we tasted some spanish food culture, we ate tapas and paella with seafood.

On our walk around town I noticed that this city has a lot of different sides, you have the typical touristside with a bunch of souvenir shops and overexpensive shitty food, but you also have the spanish allyways with cozy cafés and tavernas where all the locals hang out. We really enjoyed to feel the spanish heat inside of st. Joseph food market, while still having the more calm boulevard of las ramblas right outside.

Tomorrow portside is on duty and midship will have free studies together with starbord, some of us have planed to go see la segrada de familla and maybe visit the aquarium right by where we are moored.

Kattis Kinalis, midship.


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