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B as in back on land and Barcelona

We arrived in Barcelona sometime this morning. I don´t really know when, because I was asleep. One of the perks of the 12-4 watch, we get to sleep in until lunch.

Haven´t had breakfast in days, and I´m not complaining. Never liked breakfast too much to begin with. Soon the sleeping until lunch will be over though, because when we leave Barcelona it will be time to change watch times. I think that I will miss the 12-4 watch because it´s actually a pretty good time to have watch. It´s nice to be up in the middle of the night, the dark sea around you and the sky sparkling with stars above you. Even the water sparkles sometimes, when there´s bioluminescence. It´s quite spectacular to watch, the water just lighting up in places.

People have spent the first day in Barcelona in some different ways. Some of us, me included have spent the day stuck on the boat, others have been out exploring Barcelona and four unlucky souls have spent the day in hospital. Three of those four comes from my watch, so we have been a little short of people lately. Yesterday was even worse, because we had four sick people then. At least someone´s getting better. There are some sickness circulating around the boat, but at least no one´s throwing up. It feels good that we have left that stage behind us. I´m just hoping that I won´t catch anything. It would suck to be sick now when we are in Barcelona, feels like you would miss less when we are out on the open sea then when we are in some city.

For me the day has been quite boring, not much happened. In difference from Malaga there has been almost no visitors, so sitting watching the gangway hasn´t been very eventful. I´m hoping for a bit more action tomorrow when we finally get to leave the boat and see Barcelona. We´re going on a school trip though so the exploring of the city will have to wait a little longer, but I think that It will be well worth the wait. From what I remember is Barcelona a very nice city.

Astrid Wormbs


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