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Bay of Biscay, G´day!

I woke up at 11.45 am today, 10 minutes before the line up on half deck. I accidentally slept through the “purrning” and had to hurry up from my bunk to put my work gear on, which lead me to miss the breakfast sitting.

I would have been forced to go through most of my watch with an empty stomach if not for the twin chefs Anna and Mia who snuck me a sandwich in secret. It is not allowed to eat when you are not supposed to, meaning if you miss breakfast you don’t get to eat until your next fika. My next fika was 3 hours away so I really appreciated my secret sandwich.

After we relived the midship watch from their service I took a moment to look at a chart in the navigation hut to know exactly where we could find ourselves. It turns out Gunilla just crossed the Bay of Biscay which took me by surprise. The days went much faster than I had imagined they would do. It can be hard to keep accurate track of where in the world you are considering the only thing you can orient yourself of is miles of plane open sea.

We have been sailing with good wind today with a speed of around nine knots. It has been seemingly calm weather considering this time of the year. The estimated time of arrival in Cadiz right now according to captain Hans is three or four days, or around eight watches. I look forward to getting to Cadiz in the near future and I would really like if the ground could stop moving soon.

/ Hannes, Starboard


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