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Birthday celebration and apple pie

For three years I have looked forward to travel with Gunilla and now three days have passed. It feels surreal to be here and not the way I predicted. I also have a hard time understanding that this will be my life for the next seven weeks.

Constantly new words in my ear, a whole different environment and rules that seems to have no purpose. Even though it is challenging to lack knowledge about being onboard Gunilla when everyone else knows what is going on, I appreciate this time when everything is new and thrilling for me.

The day started off with a song because one in the crew turned seventeen today. After breakfast and the following familization my groups first watch day started. In the beginning I watched the boat while the others were up in the rig with purpose too furl the sails. It felt good to not take part in the experience and just watch them climb. However, I am happy that I took the opportunity later when I got questioned to also climb up. It was exciting to be that high up in the air and see the ongoing life underneath me. I even furled a sail by my own.

I was watching the boat the rest of the day, but unfortunately there were no bigger excitement. The chefs cooked meals that made the crew onboard happy. We got chicken nuggets and rice together with a sweet-sour sauce for lunch, but the best part of the day was when we got apple pie for snacks. Usually, we eat bread and fruit for snacks, but in coincidence of someone’s birthday the regular snacks get sweet. In the moment I am looking forward to tomorrow when we will get visited by a school from the Netherlands.

Ebba Bonneviér Midskepps


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