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Birthdays and poor sailing

Today is the 20th of December, which happenes to be our friend Tobias birhday.

When another crew goes off their shift, we as the leaving crew have a chanse to wish them a good shift. Tobias was in the shift after us, so we took the oppurtunity to wish him a happy brthday and sing “Ja må han leva” for him. When it is someones birthday they also get to ask for what meal is being served that day. Tobias asked for meatballs and roasted potatos which was nice.

The sailing itself is not that great at the moment. The wind blows from the wrong direction and the sea is rocky. We do not expect it to get much better for a while. If we’re lucky we might get to Madeira just in time for christmas. For that to hapen we need the winds direction to change or for the sea to calm down. At the moment, the waves are too big for the engine alone to overpower them. We’re not sure if the sea will calm, but we expect the wind to get better. So we are still hopefull about having a christmas at port.

Gustaf Wahlgren, portside


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