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Taking a break to jump in the water, thoughts about the upcoming trip to Malaga and what draws ever nearer, the journeys end. 

I woke up to a sunny day, got out of bed and ate some delicious porridge for breakfast. After my meal I decided to go outside and get a final glimpse of land before our ten day journey to Malaga. Realising that I would probably not be able to keep in contact with my family, I called my mother. We departed from the port at about nine a clock and I decided that it would be best to enjoy my lesson free day by watching Netflix and eating some of the candy that I had been saving for the trip to Malaga. We hadn’t gotten far from the port at all when the captain decided that we should stop and take a dip in the 18 degree water. Everybody had a great time swimming but I thought I would use my time wisely and download some information that would aid in my studies.

After reeding some articles and lab rapports I took another nap that lasted three hours. My roommate woke me up at three thirty so that I would have time to get dressed for my shift. My four hour shift was spent in the kitchen serving food, cleaning dishes and drinking hot choclate. I think the shift went by very quickly and was fun, mostly due to the great company of my roommate. We served dinner (chilli with tortilla chips) and might have snacked on a few chips ourselves. My shift ended at eight pm and it was already pitch black outside, the stars and the moon were the only things that lit up the boat for those who were working on deck. It’s such a breathtaking sight, just watching the stars twinkle in the sky and their reflection in the waves makes them look like their dancing. I could watch them for hours and never get tired. That’s why I love working the nightshift on deck. Sometimes we get to sit down, relax and enjoy what’s happening around us. It’s times like these that you realise how lucky you are to be able to do something as incredible as this. Whilst our peers are at school, falling asleep during lessons we’re sailing in the mediterranean. How crazy is that? I’m so grateful for everything. Going home will be bittersweet. I’ll be happy to see my family but also sad, because our journey will have reached it’s end.

Nina, Babord


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