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Hi everyone outside T/S Gunilla! Today is the 20th of April and we are heading towards the Azores, Ponta Del Gada. I think we’re on the second of the six days it will take to sail there. I say think because the truth is that I’m unsure of how many days it’s been since we left Porto Santo and it’s also pretty unclear how many days it will actually take to the Azores.

For now the weather is on our side with tailwind though the prognosis is that the wind will turn but if we’re lucky the wind won’t turn as much and we’ll still get somewhere. If the weather plays nice, we could arrive in just two days which would be nice. I hear the Azores is super nice so I’m really excited.

Today was a nice day, it was sunny but still pretty cold because of the wind. The day started with our 4-8 watch, we didn’t really do anything, I pretty much slept the hole time. The pros with the 4-8 watch are that we see both the sunset and sunrise. The cons are that your perception of time deteriorate, I never know if we’re supposed to eat breakfast or go to sleep afterword. Today anyways it was breakfast, after that I slept. The next thing I know its lunch time and on today’s menu it was salmon pasta. Usually, I go to sleep again after but it was such a nice weather so we wanted to sit outside to enjoy it. Karin, Villemo and I took our candy and coke and sat on the side of the boat while watching the 12-4 watch work. We laughed a lot. For the 3-fika, as we say in Sweden, we got cheese platter. Short after it was time to go on watch again and this time I my assignment was post, steering, lifebuoy guard and lookout. Post is a lot nicer when its nice weather and I was even lucky enough to have dolphins swimming by the boat, making lookout a lot more fun. Many freewatchers even came to take pictures of the dolphins. Another pro with the 4-8 watch is that we eat dinner under watch which mean we get a 25 min break to eat instead of 15 like the other watches whom have fika. Our vegetarian dinner today was vegobeef with mashed potato. After watch some people went up the mast and took some nice pictures of the sunset, I instead ate some more of my candy and then went to bed, which was the end of my day.

Sincerely, Hedvig


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