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Blog 11th of April 2022

My spirit like my knee was broken. With high wind we sailed through the rough waves bellowing over main deck. I am one of the not so few that have acquired injures during our journey.

Life at sea is quite simple. The next day is like the day before. You leave your warm and comfortable bed to eat lunch and then later enjoy the sun and the wind, at twelve o’clock, every day. Then work in all sorts of manners to keep the ship running. By four o’clock you get to study and freshen up before dinner. When you are properly feed, you can try to study some more if you feel like it. I usually go to sleep at nine o’clock to get at least two hours before the next session on deck. The main difference between day and night is the amount of work, in the day you work to keep the ship running, in the night you work to stay awake.

On the sea you really learn that it is the small things that matter. From how you are first greeted that sets the mood for the entire day or if you feel warm or cold and so on. But the most important thing is how the people around you are feeling. Unfortunately, many were seasick except myself and a handful of others still felt like human.

I ended my day with hurting my knee again and worse this time. It is a scary feeling when you can’t trust your body. To describe it in short, by the end of the nights watch me and Leopold made our way to set the Foc’s’l. I hauled in the dark night, we fought against the wind to make the best of our voyage. Leo yelled out “come on Marcus! Haul away!” and so I did. With all my force I brought the tack down on deck and down followed my knee in such an angle that should not be possible. My body slammed down, and my knee bounced back into place. Leos worried look will haunt me for the rest of my days. Even thou the pain was great I knew there was nothing to do so I called out to Leo “set the sail!” A split second after this our chef mate was standing over me asking what he could do to help. I yelled once again, “SET THE SAIL!” Confused but not questioned they did as I requested. I crawled by my arms back over the boat to sit in echoing silence mad at the sea and myself.

The best of wishes, Marcus Andreasson Crew on T/S Gunilla


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