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Blog 30/12

Today we departed from Funchal, Madeira. We sailors were urged at 05.30, we finished on deck and simplified. Then we untied the last rope and left the harbor.

The plan was that we would go to Ihla Dessertas, a small archipelago just southeast of Madeira, to anchor and go ashore during the day. Then we would go back to Funchal's anchorage to watch their world famous fireworks.

When we arrived at the islands it had blown up and there was a lot of sea, in other words it was neither safe nor possible to get ashore. After the officers had deliberated, the decision was made that we would set course directly in the Canary Islands without stopping over New Year and watching fireworks. After this we went back to the sea routine and had a guard as usual. The plan now is that we will be at El Hierro on 2/1 and then have New Year's dinner the first night at the quay. On New Year's, we will have a small bar on the deck, but only with non-alcoholic drinks, and have a small ringing ceremony for the new year.

Anton Lindberg, midships


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