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Blogg 18/4

Today was our shift which means that we don’t get to leave the boat cause we have to stay and do work on the boat. The main project for today was to grease the wires that hold the mast in place.

The grease protects from rust and will hopefully make sure that the boat doesn’t fall apart in the near future. I had the hardest work of the day. My friend climbed into the mast wearing a dark blue overall and the gazing sun. She was the one who did the greasing from a small hanging chair of sorts. When she had done as much as she could reach from the spot the char was in I had to lower her down. So basically what I did for like 7 hours straight was lowering her, relaxing a few minutes and then again. It seems like a chill job but after some hours it got a bit boring, on the other hand my friends in the mast and another person in the other mast both said that it had been a very fun day.

After working the whole day we also had to clean the boat which is done everyday. The thing with today was that we were invited over for dinner to another boat and had to do the cleaning in a rush. We might not have made it as clean as usual but I don’t think it’s the end of the world if the walls aren’t cleaned everyday.

The dinner we were invited to was extremely good, the boat that invited us was another school ship and it was based here in Charleston. They had made a traditional meal from the area which is called a Low Country Boil. Boils are made all across the country but the spices and ingredients differ from different parts and states. They were all extremely friendly and had many fun thing to tell us. It was a really good dinner and the only bad thing about the evening was that almost everyone now had grease stains on the pants because the paper plates didn’t do their job.

Rasmus Backman


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