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Blogg 30/1 2019

Last day, almost home and we see you soon!

Today was the last day in Dominican Rebuplic, I was in the kitchen all day with Emma and Stella. We did have calmed day althought it came a truck with food, The school of community and some people came and picked up our trash. We started our day with a line up on the main deck as usually. We later on picked up the breakfast from the BIG MESS. The day went on, we did prepare for the school to come with cinnamon buns and coffe, It was fun to meet them again, they were impressed with all the work we do and that we share toilets with each others. Not so long after the truck came with food and we did put all the food in the boat. Karl-Petter had bought a lot of discusting healthy food. Hmmm oh well... Yeah we did the usually and did the dishes and went up and down from the stairs with food and stuff. Then we chilled.

Unfortunately I wasen´t feeling so well, I think it is because I dont get enough sleep. I´m a little bit suspicous that I´m going to be sick, yesterday 2 people got sick or food poisoned (The one who knows, knows) So I hope I will survive, I will survive turn around now cause you not welcome any more, good song.

In the evening we cleaned Byssan quicker than usually which was very nice, I really enjoy that yeah. But did I went to sleep? No, of course not. I played some card with some on the boat (no shittttt) and we laughed, drank some coke<3 Then I went to bed

God night my dearest

Alice Persson, midship watch mafu

Smack smack smack mf


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