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Blueberry soup

Today I write on the boat at sea again, but in English for you!!!

It’s the only thing that is a little different because we do almost the same thing every guard but I hope it should work anyway! We in Midship started the day with a good breakfast at 7:15, and then began our guard at 8 am. It was a tough guard for all of us, it was hard to climb the mast that rocked very much and everyone had a generally bad day, but we continued to work on and made the best of it. We sanded, and varnished shelled blocks. Block is a block of wood where the rope goes through, there are special ropes called jigtåg, skot and fall. The function is that it will facilitate the elevation of the sail. There was also a lot of work in the masts, the people who loved to climd climbed up there and painted the masts nicely. We got off our guard duty at 12:00.

After the guard we had lessons. Me and Kerstin worked in biology and munched popcorn with the kindest Anne-li. We had lessons for three hours, at 17.10 we ate dinner and had free time after that.

We had free time for a few hours and then we went on guard again at 20.00, we had a pretty chill guard where we had a "meeting" of how we can do things better in the guard, after the guard we went down and cleaned under the deck. Housekeeping was a record pace for the midship section, around an hour. But we hope it can go even faster next time. After the dirt, dust and soap went all of us up to the byssan for coffee. For refreshments we had blueberry soup, it was delicious. I love blueberry soup !!

After the coffee break we climbed up to the undermärssen to sit and hang out, the boat did not rocked as much as it did this morning. We braced a bit, fixed with sails and at 0.00 we finished are guard. We all said goodnight to Alice our guard leader and went to bed after a regular day at sea.

I hope you all have a good time at home and I wish you continued good weekend.

Hugs, Elvira Ek


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