Öckerö gymnasium

Bowing to a king and sheeps fat under nails

The day started as usual with breakfast and then a lineup at 8 o’clock. Today we visited a maritime museum with Spanish students from a school here in Barcelona.

When we arrived at the museum and met up the Spanish students, the first thing we did was to bow and nod to an old king statue, otherwise something bad would happen to us. But it hasn’t happened anything strange to those who didn’t bow, yet… Together with the Spanish students we did an ice breaker exercise and then we walked around the museum in groups to find three subjects which we afterwards presented for everyone in a conference room. Everyone got a picture of the group when we stood in front of a big ship to save as a memory.

Later both the Spanish and the Swedish students went on a walk back to T/S Gunilla, it was food time and it was broccoli and cheese pie which was served out on the deck. People sat down in most places but mostly on front deck. Just as we had done a few times before, we showed them around on the ship.

The amidships had the guard and we sewed protection for some ropes, cleaned and greased leather with a sheep grease, which got stuck under our nails. The day ended with music and hangout on the front deck under a dark sky filled with stars.

Filippa Walderstedt, amidships watch


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