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Br-exit to Lisbon

The beginning of the journey to Portugal has started and the excitement is something you cannot miss amongst us.

My day began with a sore throat, coughing and feeling feverish. So not the best prerequisites on the beginning of my free watch, so I decided to take it easy this day. Me and Brita (our DOS) went to a pharmacy at ten O’clock in Gunwharf Quays to buy me some medicine for my never-ending coughing. I also bought some other things, for example a face mask for the Spa-day which the party committee on the ship has planned to have during the evening on one of the days next week, then everyone needs to have a face mask. When we were done with our errands, we went back to T/S Gunilla where I ate my lunch, tomato soup with freshly baked bread. It was really yummy, although it was a little bit too hot outside in my opinion, to eat hot tomato soup.

After the lunch I took a little nap before me, Emma and Matilda went outside to interview some British people about their opinions about Brexit, for our social studies and Swedish assignment. After a while, we went back to let Matilda go to the ship because she was already done with her interviews. When we had interviewed four people, we were satisfied with our answers and decided to go back to the ship for the last time in Portsmouth.

At the ship Matilda and Emma had planned to climb up to the highest topsail yard in the main mast. I decided to go up with them and surprise my parents by calling them on messenger from my telephone (secured of course) so they could see how it looks like up there and a little bit of Portsmouth. I also called my grandfather, although the connection wasn’t really good by then, unfortunately.

It has been an interesting stay here in Portsmouth but I feel like I’m ready to leave and sail again, to visit a new city, Lisbon in Portugal! I’m really looking forward to explore this new harbour and so are the other pupils on board. I´ve heard many fantastic things from different people about this particular city before this trip. I assume it’s going to be my favourite harbour for this journey, like Grenada from our first trip with T/S Gunilla. It would be fun to try to surf there, I’ve never tried it before so I think that it would be cool to do.

At ten pasts five O’clock, the sea schedule started again. Then Port, my watch (we’re divided into three watches: Port, Midships and Starboard) had dinner in the room beside the galley, so we didn’t eat together with the other watches and all of the other crew members (apart from those who work in the port watch) any longer. At around half past five O’clock the Midships watch started to prepare the ship to leave the harbour and the pilot was on board. Because it isn’t any lessons on the first day at sea, I had a little bit of free time before my watch started at eight O’clock. During the watch we had small “lessons” about sailing and we learned a few new knots. For example, we learned the steps to set and dowse the sails. We also learned more about the mizzen mast because we don’t use that mast very often so we don’t really remember how it works when we actually need to use

When the clock neared nine O’clock, we went below deck to clean different areas of the boat, both where the pupils and the crew members live. At ten O’clock we had a pause for fifteen minutes where we ate muffins, which two of our watch members had done, it was really good! When we went out again after the pause, the rest of the watch went by really fast, I guess because I don’t really remember anything of it. When the evening watch was over, I took a shower and went to bed.

Now we’ve done our own Brexit on our way to Lisbon!

Frida Palm, port watch


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