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Bus 120 to Miami Beach

America is always portrayed as the land of the free, Miami beach is the place where all the rich white people come to take a dip and if one would trust the media, the majority of people are white.

That's not what I've been seeing the past few days walking around, exploring the city, the absolute majority of people are not white and I think I've heard more Spanish than English throughout our stay here. I mean I knew that America was not all white and rich but I didn't expect it to be more or less the opposite. I can of course not speak for all of America but here it sure seems like most people are not white and rich and poverty is way more visible than in Sweden. One more thing I've heard about America is that it is hard finding things in the store that don't contain sugar, so I thought - okay, I'll get some fruits then - turns out there was only a single basket no bigger then a shoe box with fruit, and it was empty. Well I guess we're in America.

Sunday. On Sundays we get egg, bacon and pancakes for breakfast wich I really appreciate. I also appreciate being offwatch and because we didn't have any activities planned, we were free to do whatever we felt like and so we did. At about half past nine in the morning we left the ship and wanted to catch a bus to the beach, so we waited... and waited and then we saw the bus arrive but only a few meters before the bus stop it took a turn and left. So we waited some more and then we decided to take a taxi instead.

At about eleven we reached the beach but decided to split up and go to an antique market instead. After the market we went to the to the beach where we met even more people from our class. We hung out at the beach for a while and then after an hour or two we decided we had gotten enough sun so we went to the bus stop and waited... and waited... and waited. After we had asked a handfull of locals and some busdrivers where the bus was and when it was supposed to come we lost our patience and started walking but just as we started walking we saw the bus arriving so we ran back to the stop and luckily caught it just in time. Moral of the story, busses in Miami are not the most reliable, but we did arrive eventually. We arrived at wholefoods. I had almost lost hopes of finding fruit or anything healthy in America, but we did find it and now I have a lot of fruit so I'm happy.

After that we went back to the ship to eat dinner, for dinner we had BBQ which was nice. Thereafter we went to the park on the quay and had a match of the very Swedish game, Brännboll. A lot happened today and I was so tired that I went to bed early.

Best regards from the beach of Miami,

Alex S Starbord.​


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