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Busy times!

I woke up to unfamiliar noise and the first thing I did was to adjust my vision to my surroundings. It has already been two days since we arrived in Tarragona.

The last two days have been really busy. The first day we arrived we met all of the
crew members on the boat.They aren’t just crew members but they are also our
instructors in sailing. I was filled with too much information for my brain to process.

Me and my classmate are divided into three groups: port(left side of the ship),
starboard(right side of the ship), midship and each group has one leader.
Today I woke up, had breakfast with my classmate at 7am and one hour later we
gathered on the main deck. The first thing we do in the morning is to hoist the
motherland flag first and then we hiss the gust flagg( the flagg in withs land we are in). Leo, one of the crew members and the one handling our schedule told us the plan for today. The port started with K.E.S withs is the shorter version for
konflikt-educational-solution. I was in the kitchen right after K.E.S and today's lunch was tomato soup with bread and bacon.

The last thing we did today was to learn how to tie different knots. One for
furling (putting up the sail on a yard with a rope) and one for unfurling(when the sail is set). Climbing up and setting the sail was really easy. You had to unknot the rope and then tie the rope on the yard, not on the sail. Unfurling was the hardest part, because imagine you standing on a rope and the yard is up to your waist and then tilt your upper body forwards and grab the sail with both hands. tuck in the sail towards you and then grab the rope underneath around the sail yard and tie a knot with one hand while the other one is holding the sail. Unfurling is’t made for short people so in order to reach the rope underneath me I needed Felix(one of the instructors on the ship) to help me.

Molly Brandt Nab 2023


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