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Bye Belize!

Thursday was departure day and the routines started again. Also yesterday, we changed our earlier watch times, so now me and the rest of port side has the 4-8 watch.

It feels good with some variation onboard, even though I really liked our earlier watch time, 12-4. Since the routines are very strict all the time on Gunilla, it feels kind of life changing when anything changes. In a couple of days we are probably used to the new routines, but right now it still feels exciting.

Unfortunately we didn’t leave port until 4 p.m. yesterday, so most of our offwatch was just waiting. For many of us it can be hard to leave port, because of sea sickness and similar stuff, so when it is said that we are leaving, we want to leave directly and not sit around and wait. To wait is just to delay the problems and the tuff feelings that can come. Anyways, when our watch started, we finally left port. We casted off the lines and then we were out at the sea once again. It was the first time this trip that my watch got to cast off, so it was actually fun.

Other than this, it was one more life changing event that took place yesterday. A girl in the watch had her 19th birthday and we celebrated her as good as we could here onboard. To 3-fika we got pancakes with berries and ice-cream, which gave us some good energy before the watch. And even better, we got pizza to dinner since that was what the birthday child had wished. The clear advantage with the 4-8 watch is that you get to eat dinner during the watch. To get a 25 minute break and eat some pizza makes the time fly a little bit faster, until you get offwatch again.

I hope everything is good at home, and wish you all the best.

Portside, Ida


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