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Bye, bye Bermuda

Today we left the beautiful landscapes of Bermuda to see only the sea
for fifteen days. But on this trip we´ve learned that the sea is not
bland at all and the color and shape of it seems to vary   endlessly. 

The wind too comes in tons of different forms the Captain taught us ,
today he held a lesson about the wind for the whole ship in ”stora
mässen”. But even though we´ve sailed through quite strong winds it can
not compare with the seemingly invisible wind that’s blowing right
against us as we bike to school late on a cold, rainy morning. Then
nothing seems to be on our side.

Leaving Bermuda means changing watch hours leaving us all slightly
confused trying to get into our new habits. Whether it´s the 
sleep schedule or eating at new times. We in midships ate our first
breakfast at sea today, since we used to wake up at noon.
Our afternoon coffee break today was chocolate cake and fruit it was very
nice. Just after we`d finished up there was a fire drill and we all got
lined up and counted in. The fake scenario was a burning pot in the
kitchen that got so big that we needed to abandon the ship. So we got
all the surviving suits and life vests out and stood in our lifeboat
teams. After that we had a rather calm watch and then we went to bed
after talking and relaxing for an hour or so.

Hanna Björnfot


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