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Bye bye Dominican Republic’

Today was the day, we left the dominican republic. I woke up 8 am, OOPS i missed breakfast, but it didnt matter because i ate fika at 10 o clock.

Anyways, at the lineup we got orders from our new captain that we
were leaving at 9 o clock but we waited on drugdogs to come check the
boat. It all ended up with they not showing up and we left dominican
republic a bit late.

It was not so much wind so we did not take down any
sails we just started the motor, the first time we ever started the
motor on this trip actually. At first it was very strange waves so a lot
of people got seasick and everyone was very tired. The seaguards set off
also as soon we left the harbour so 8-12 started the day with their

Beside that it was not so much happening on the boat, just
getting back in the routins again. Were have a good time and soon were



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