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Bye bye Santa Cruz!

Today was the day to leave beautiful Tenerife and it’s time for our journey to Cape Verde.

It feels great to begin sailing to our next destination, Cape Verde, I have always wanted to be there but at the same time it feels kind of sad to leave Tenerife because I really liked it there and we have no longer as much access to internet. The 250MB is nothing to compare to what we are used to have in Tenerifes port and we have all spent the morning to call everyone at home a last time before this week at sea and Cape Verde.

At 12 we started our watch and I felt a little bit seasick and stumbled about the deck a lot and I think that is something I have to suffer through before getting my sea legs once again. Even though my seasickness I survived the watch and spent my off-watch just sleeping and got roused by midship about 20 minutes too late and had to stress a lot with getting my clothes, harness and lifejacket on in time.

The night watch went on good and my seasickness was nearly gone which made me feel pretty good. Me and some others in my watch climbed up in the rig to a yard and watched the stars and we even saw some shooting stars that lit up in the starry sky. To end the whole watch our watch-leader gathered everyone to sit down together while she read a book about historic cats. It was so cozy and nice that I just fell asleep.

Livia, Starboard


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